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For all your London Olympics 2012 information checkout the official website. There’s a London 2012 mobile app to help you plan your way to free and ticketed events.  Watch all the action live on 24 BBC channels. If you missed the opening ceremony you can watch some of the highlights: Highlights of the opening ceremony Dress rehearsal …

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Whether you’re staying with friends (dossing as it’s known in the UK) or staying at a hostel until you find somewhere to rent, there are some things you should know before you arrive. Dossing It’s polite to offer to pay a small amount towards the rent, even if you are staying on the couch. If …

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When you first arrive, if you don’t already have accommodation sorted out you might not have Internet access. If you have your own laptop you can pick up Internet dongles at very competitive rates, without being locked in to a contract.  Checkout these mobile Internet providers: Orange mobile broadband Talk mobile broadband  

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One of the first things you should do when you arrive in the UK is sign-up with your local GP.

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If you’re visiting London, these tips will help orient you in the big city.

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If you are like me and don’t want to be stuck in a contract, when you want to upgrade your mobile phone you have a few options:

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Although it can be difficult to find time to bring a packed lunch every day, left-overs from dinner can be a good way to have a healthy lunch at work without the extra effort and you’ll also save money in the process. Some people also say you should have your largest meal at lunch time, …

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Eating Well – It’s easy to resort to meals of 2-minute noodles and take aways when you are busy studying for your exams or writing your thesis, but it’s important to look after your health so you can perform well academically. If you find yourself snacking on unhealthy food, try replacing crisps and chocolate in …

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