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undergoundPlanning a move or visit to London? The easiest way to travel is to get yourself an oyster card. This can be topped up in advance and used on buses, trains and trams. If you live in London it may be worth investing in a travel card. These range from  or if you prefer to stay on pay-as-you-go you can activate auto top-ups, so that every time your balance falls below a certain threshold your bank card is debited automatically. If you don’t do this you will need to top-up manually at any tube station.

I find it useful to keep a spare card for visiting guests or so I have a backup if I happen to leave my regular card in a jacket pocket or a different bag.

You should always register your oyster cards so if they are lost or stolen you can recover the balance remaining on the card. You can do this by completing a form at a station or completing the online registration.

You can buy oyster cards at stations, some corner shops and online (if you live in the UK).

Visit the oyster card online website for further information: https://oyster.tfl.gov.uk

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