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snowy londonWhen I first arrived in the UK I avoided getting my winter woolies out for as long as possible in an attempt to deny that winter had indeed arrived and it was about to get cold: much colder than the balmy 17 degree average winter days I was used to in Brisbane anyway.

Now that my third winter in London is here I’m happy to say I’m a convert to wearing what I would once never have dreamed of walking out of the house in. And they stay on at work, pubs, bars – everywhere I can get away with it. Yes, I’m talking about my Uggs!

I now get to appreciate still being able to feel my toes on a chilly winter’s day and trudging home from the tube station in the snow is that little bit less depressing.

So if you haven’t yet taken the plunge to wearing your Uggs out of the house, I recommend try it just once to see what you’ve been missing. You can get Ugg Boots online here. Or try these Ugg-Style boots (same idea, different brand).

I’ve also just discovered sheep-skin inners, which you can insert into any boots to keep your feet warm. The benefit of these is you still get to wear your dressy shoes without sacrificing comfort. Try these Wool Insoles

This post is dedicated to Mel – who’s proud to say her Uggs never leave her house. Maybe this year I can change her mind 😉

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