London map

Where to live in London and the UK? Finding accommodation that’s right for you

London can be an overwhelming place, so it helps to think about the areas where you might want to live ...
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College in Cambridge

Finding Student Accommodation

Most universities will offer halls of residence for their students. Have a look on your university's website for information on ...
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Travelling to Europe

Many people move to the UK to take advantage of the proximity to other European countries. London, Manchester and Liverpool ...
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Packing list

How to get your stuff to the UK See whether you can buy extra baggage allowance on your flight (if ...
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Booking flights

Skyscanner.net shows you which airlines have the best flight prices. If your travel dates are flexible you can search for a ...
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There are so many events going on in UK on any given day so you should never be lost for ...
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Events and Festivals

The UK comes alive with events and festivals during the summer time.  In December the main streets in many towns are lit ...
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Life Thru Iris

Life Thru Iris – music video filming – Friday 8th June

Friends of mine are filming their next music video for their band Life Thru Iris on the evening of Friday ...
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 Many people who move to the UK without knowing any locals opt to stay in a hostel when they first ...
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There are stacks of live comedy shows on around the UK and while Friday and Saturday nights are the most ...
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shopping sale bag


 Find out what shops to go to both on the high street and online. Grocery shoppingIf you live in a city ...
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mobile phone

Getting a mobile phone when you arrive

If you have just arrived in the UK you might need to put a deposit down before you can get ...
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