Michele Thomas method French

Learn a language

I’ve been learning French on and off since I was 5 years old and the most effective course I’ve used so far is by Michel Thomas. His audio guides teach you conversational French using a unique style of conversation with French learners, explainations and memory aids. He builds on what you learn in previous lessons, …

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UK University Course Search Tool

Need help deciding where to study? Use the Discover Uni online search tool to compare university courses around the UK. Information is based on what past students have said. Find out the likely cost of the course and what kind of job you can expect when you graduate.

2 minute noodles

Student Health

Eating Well – It’s easy to resort to meals of 2-minute noodles and take aways when you are busy studying for your exams or writing your thesis, but it’s important to look after your health so you can perform well academically. If you find yourself snacking on unhealthy food, try replacing crisps and chocolate in …

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College in Cambridge

Finding Student Accommodation

Most universities will offer halls of residence for their students. Have a look on your university’s website for information on how to apply.  Here are some useful sites for finding other student accommodation: unite-students.com gumtree.com (not student specific, but a good site) A&B Relocation (accommodation moving service)  


Lifelong learning can take many forms. School, uni, language lessons, reading, online courses, cooking, yoga, sports or other hobbies. What will you learn next? Checkout the UK Border Agencies website for students wanting to study in the UK.