post box

Royal Mail Post

Post is delivered Monday to Saturday in the UK. You can choose first class or second class delivery. Second class is the slower, cheaper option. Most first class mail will arrive the following day, but it’s not guaranteed. If you need to send something securely or quickly  (like a passport) you can pay a bit extra for …

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Internet access

When you first arrive, if you don’t already have accommodation sorted out you might not have Internet access. If you have your own laptop you can pick up Internet dongles at very competitive rates, without being locked in to a contract.  Checkout these mobile Internet providers: Orange mobile broadband Talk mobile broadband  

2 minute noodles

Student Health

Eating Well – It’s easy to resort to meals of 2-minute noodles and take aways when you are busy studying for your exams or writing your thesis, but it’s important to look after your health so you can perform well academically. If you find yourself snacking on unhealthy food, try replacing crisps and chocolate in …

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London map

Where to live in London and the UK? Finding accommodation that’s right for you

London can be an overwhelming place, so it helps to think about the areas where you might want to live before you start your search. There are some online tools that can help you to determine where to search for accommodation before you arrive. While I’m trying not to make this website too London centric, many …

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College in Cambridge

Finding Student Accommodation

Most universities will offer halls of residence for their students. Have a look on your university’s website for information on how to apply.  Here are some useful sites for finding other student accommodation: (not student specific, but a good site) A&B Relocation (accommodation moving service)  

shopping sale bag


 Find out what shops to go to both on the high street and online.   Grocery shopping If you live in a city you’re likely to find a small local shop that will stock many of the things you’ll need on a regular basis like milk and bread – so you can buy these as …

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