Pubs, bars and clubs

bottlesNo matter where you live in the UK you should find a good selection of pubs and bars to visit in your local area. If you order a beer you’ll get a pint (unless you specify a half).

In London, the tube (underground trainline) stops running shortly after midnight, which means many people have to leave to catch the last tube home or face a long night bus journey. This and the cold weather in Winter means many people stick to local venues near home or work during the week and  only tend to venture further afield on Friday and Saturday nights.

Look out for signs advertising food and drink specials, quiz and karaoke nights in your local pubs and bars.

If you venture out into city centres you’ll be likely to come across these chains:

  • Wetherspoon pubs are good for buying cheap food and drinks, but often doesn’t have music.
  • The Slug & Lettuce serves nice pub meals and often have happy hour specials like 2-4-1 cocktails.
  • All Bar One serves food and drinks at good prices and offer happy hour specials.
  • O’ Neill’s serve pub food and are often a good place to watch sports games with atmosphere.
  • At Walkabout bars you’ll find most major sports games being played (often they’ll have different games playing on different screens). Here you can grab kangaroo burgers or other pub grub and cheap drinks. It’s worth buying a Boomerang card to get 20% off selected drinks and food.

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