Festival Camping checklist

Going to Glastonbury or another summer camping festival in Europe?

Here’s what you need to pack.

Tip: Bring stuff you don’t mind losing – plus if you have an old mobile phone lying around these usually stay charged longer than new smart phones. If you can’t bear to be without your phone, you should at least get it insured. I use

The essentials

  • Pop-up tent (+ pegs, poles & tarps) –¬†these take seconds to assemble and only 1 minute to pack away
  • sleeping bag
  • silk sleep sheet – keeps you warm at night and your sleeping bag clean
  • self-inflating sleeping mat (rolls up small)
  • pillow case (stuff with clothes to save on space)
  • torch
  • toilet paper
  • picnic blanket (for lying outside your tent when it’s sunny)
  • bin liner & plastic bags (to keep things dry/transport wet clothes home/rubbish)
  • mallet (although the ground is usually soft enough to use your boot on the tent pegs)
  • large water bottle (empty to lighten the load and fill it up when you get there)
  • insulated double walled water bottle – I’ve used mine in the blazing sun and even in a sauna and the water stays cold.



  • underwear
  • spare trousers (in case your first pair get wet)
  • t-shirts
  • thermals (if you feel the cold)
  • hoodie/warm top
  • waterproof jacket (or poncho) – I love my Rains unisex jacket. It looks great and is completely waterproof! When it’s not raining I use it to sit on.
  • shorts / skirt (with tights in case it gets cold)
  • change of clothes for the journey home
  • beanie / hat


  • evaporating disinfectant hand gel
  • spray on deoderant
  • wet wipes – these will pass for a shower in most cases
  • SPF30 or SPF50 Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen – this smells divine and isn’t greasy. I even use it on my face.
  • insect repellant
  • travel towel
  • body wash / shampoo / conditioner (you can get travel sized all in one)
  • contact lenses you can sleep in (otherwise bring your case and solution)



  • sunglasses
  • bottle opener
  • gaffa tape (to repair your tent)
  • camera/phone
  • USB phone charger – I never leave homewithout this. Leave it to be charged at the lockups in the day and then charge up your phone at night
  • pegless clothes line (to dry out your clothes in the tent)
  • backpack to carry all extras, like a blanket, warm top, water bottle (the water bottle above fits in the side pocket). This one is super comfy (and it’s great for running as well)

Food & drink

  • Alcohol in plastic bottles or cans (no glass is allowed)
  • Fruit that travels well (e.g. apples or pears)
  • Snacks (muesli bars, crisps, nuts – not chocolate as it’ll probably melt)
  • Porridge oats made into 1/2 cup portions with cinnamon and brown sugar (or honey), dried fruit – just add water and fresh fruit such as apples
  • Thermos flask (with inbuilt spoon) for porridge and soup

Nice to haves

  • A flag to attach to your tent so you can find your way home (otherwise camp up near someone else’s, but remember most won’t stay there during the day)
  • Solar powered fairy lights (that will come on
    when the sun goes down and help you find your way home)

If you have a car

  • wheelbarrow to cart your stuff to your campsite
  • gas stove / bbq
  • icebox (esky)
  • food
  • drinks
  • foldable chairs
  • cutlery
  • pots, pans
  • plates/bowels/mugs


If you have any more suggestions post a comment and I’ll add it in.back to top

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