for rentAlthough some house shares don’t require you to have a job, rooms in house shares in london is competitive and preference will likely be given to people in a secure financial position.

Finding a place to rent in the UK can be hard work – especially in large cities where competition is fierce. To make things easier, decide exactly what you are after  before you start looking.
The first step is to decide what areas you want to live in. If you already have a job it’s a good idea to find somewhere with good transport links to work. 
Once you’ve decided what areas you want to live in, list down all the things your new place must have. For example:
  • Do you want your own room, or are you happy to share with one or more people to save money?
  • How much space do you need (a single room or a double)?
  • Do you need a desk for work or study?
  • Do you want a place with a garden, patio or other outside space?
  • How many people do you want to live with?
  • Do you want a place where people can smoke (inside/outside or not at all)?
  • Would you be happy living in a place with no lounge room?
  • Is somewhere noisy ok (e.g. on a main road, above a tube station or near pubs & clubs)?
  • What’s your budget (the rule of thumb is not more than 1/3rd of your wage for rent & bills)?

Once you have your list of must haves, start researching what’s available. Be strict and don’t be tempted to view places that don’t meet your requirements. If you can’t find places that fit everything on your list in your budget, rank these in order of priority and consider dropping those towards the end of the list. If you can’t find somewhere in the areas where you are looking you could always consider moving further away from city centres, but remember to factor in additional commuting costs.

Many people use Gumtree to find rooms to rent in share houses, but there are a few other websites like and that you can use to find a place. Unlike gumtree you need to pay to access some of the advanced features, like access to earlybird rooms and some messaging services. If you want help finding a great place to live in London A&B Relocation offer a premium moving service for students and young adults.

You could also try attending a speed flatmating event where you go to meet others looking for flatmates – I actually met a good friend through one of these. Try for upcoming events.

If you’re looking for your own apartment or house to rent you can try going through local real estate agents directly or use a website like (who run in Australia). At the time of writing they didn’t advertise rooms in share houses though.

Be prepared to pay a month’s rent bond + 1 month’s rent in advance. Many rooms come furnished so you don’t need to worry about purchasing much when you move in. I’ll post soon with some suggested items for your new room.

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