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London can be an overwhelming place, so it helps to think about the areas where you might want to live before you start your search. There are some online tools that can help you to determine where to search for accommodation before you arrive.

While I’m trying not to make this website too London centric, many people do move to the capital – and if you are, this bit is for you – otherwise jump down to the general tips.

Tips for (soon-to-be) Londoners:

General tips:

  • Have a look on google maps to see what green space is around. You can use street view to see what the high street looks like, what shops are nearby and what the houses look like (remember that places may be nicer on the inside though).
  • Check out the areas you are thinking of living in person – it’s difficult to get an idea of what a place will be like until you see it for yourself.
  • Ask others who have lived there what their favourite areas are – if you don’t know other people who have lived in the city you are moving to search for advice in online discussion forums.
  • Consider transport links to and from work/uni – if you’re still looking for work, consider waiting until you’ve found a job to look for permanent accommodation, otherwise you might face a long daily commute.



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