towelsAs many places come furnished you’ll probably only need some basics like towels, pillows, a duvet (a doona or quilt) and bed linen to get you started. You can buy these through an online store like Argos or Bonanza and get it delivered. With Argos you can also opt to pick up from a local store.

Keep in mind that temperatures differ greatly in the UK between summer and winter so you may need to buy extra blankets or duvets with different tog ratings for each season. Duvets come in varying tog levels. Tog 5 is usually good for summer and tog 10 is recommended for winter. To avoid having to buy and store separate duvets, you can get duvet sets that clip together to form 1 warm duvet for winter or can be used individually in summer and the heavier one in Spring and Autumn.

If you’re in a furnished room your mattress may not be the comfiest. You can improve things by buying a foam mattress topper, which adds a soft layer on the top and also helps to keep you warm. I find a mattress topper warmer than an electric blanket and it’s a safer and cheaper option. A hot water bottle can also help you to deal with the cold winter nights. If you find foam mattresses too warm, a pillow top mattress topper made from wool keeps you cool in summer, yet warm in winter.

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