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Catching taxis

black cabCatching a cab in the UK can be trickier than other countries as there isn’t a single phone number you can call to get a local cab. You need to know the direct number of the local minicab companies. When you book, the minicab company will ask you for your pickup location and destination and can tell you how much the journey will cost and how long the wait will be.

In large cities you can hail a black cab on the streets, which will be charged by meter and tends to be more expensive than a booked mini cab. You are paying for the comvenienve of an immediate pick up and all black cab drivers are familiar witn the city streets, so you will get to your destinayion quickly. Also, black cabs are the only types of taxis allowed in the bus lanes, so in peak hour especially a black cab can work out cheaper and is definitely quicker than a minicab. You can’t book a black cab, but if you head towards a main road you should see one before long. Taxis with their light on are available to hail.

Smart phone apps like Kabbee and Uber now make it easy to order a minicab without having to track down a local number. Better still, the first time you use these apps you can get credit to pay towards your first taxi ride.

Although Uber can be cheaper, I prefer Kabbee as it gives you the exact cost rather than an approximate and I find the app easier to use than Uber.

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