life ringIf you are planning to travel both in the UK and abroad it is worthwhile taking out a year-long travel insurance policy. There are many good value policies around – just check it covers what you need it to in the fine print. The things I look for in particular include:

  • Coverage in UK for trips where 2 or more nights of accommodation are booked.
  • Delays to transport that cause missed flights and other travel connections (trains and busses).
  • Theft of property from locked room or from your person.

Ski-cover is usually an add-on, but doesn’t tend to cost too much more. You may want to take out cover for natural catastrophes – this tends to be an add-on to standard policies since the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano caused havoc over European airspace in 2010 and left people stranded across the world. Makes sure you read the policy to make sure you are happy with your cover. Be aware that most insurance won’t cover risky activities like quad bike riding.

Most policies will cover you for holidays within the UK, providing you have booked at least 2 nights accommodation, but I make sure I check for this. However, it means if you are staying with friends you are unlikely to be covered for any part of your trip.

1Stop Travel Insurance lets you add or remove cover (such as winter sports) to make it easy to find a policy that suits you. Get a quote now!

The fine print in most policies requires you to be registered with a UK doctor in order to be covered by your travel insurance and you also need to be living in the UK. There may be restrictions on the time you can spend abroad in order to be considered a UK resident and covered by the insurance, so check the fine print if you intend to travel extensively. You may be able to find backpackers insurance for extended travel.

Also, you should apply for an EHIC card before you travel in Europe to ensure you get healthcare across Europe at a reduced cost or free.

There are lots of good insurance options. I tend to look for the best cashback deal on topcashback and check the fine print for the points listed above, as it guarantees me a discount.

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