What to do:Brussels

  • Take a day trip to Bruge
  • Visit a flower market
  • Sample some local beers
  • Visit a Vintage Boutique for some bargain buys like Tata Yoyo & Pauline Carton’s at 7 Place Rouppe 1000 Bruxelles

When to visit:

  • April/May – Spring time brings flowers and nice weather
  • June-August – Summer time is the busiest and warmest season
  • Aug/Sept – Manneken Pis Festival – a small statue of a boy peeing is hooked up to a Keg and visitors are handed beer to drink in the street.]

Where to stay:

Find a place to stay using booking.com and you can always cancel if you change your mind. You can sort by cheapest accommodation and then check the reviews to find a suitable place. I often use the map view to find something close to the centre or train station.

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