saladAlthough it can be difficult to find time to bring a packed lunch every day, left-overs from dinner can be a good way to have a healthy lunch at work without the extra effort and you’ll also save money in the process. Some people also say you should have your largest meal at lunch time, as you are more active in the day and are more likely to burn off the calories you eat, rather than sleeping on them.

If you work near a supermarket you could buy the ingredients to make yourself a wrap – I like to make falafel, salad and humous wraps with cherry tomatoes .

If you’re prepared to do some cooking in advance, you could roast some peppers the night before, add some brie, and serve them toasted (providing you have a grill at work) in a wholemeal pita or wrap. One of my favourite lunches that I cook the night before are vegetable pizzas on pita bread. These are nice either cold, or reheated, the next day. Check out my pizza recipes.

Tesco do a great range of low calorie soups that don’t have as much sugar as other supermarket brands. Try the award winning Tesco Finest Sri Lankan Chicken (my favourite!), or the Puy Lentil and Tomato soups.

Pret A Manger do tasty, low calorie salads and wraps. Their new falafel wrap is great! They also have soups which are good for a cold day.

Pod do great cold and hot meals at reasonable prices. Their Thai red and green chicken curries are tasty and come served over brown and wild rice.

If you need to buy your lunch, many places now provide dietary information on the box to help you select healthier options.

Here are some tips on what you can bring to work with you when you do find the time to cook.

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