city workersBefore you leave

  • Make sure your CV is up to date and can be easily modified for each position you apply for. Checkout these CV tips from the BBC.
  • See whether your current workplace has any offices in the UK where you might be able to transfer.
  • See whether your current employer is considering setting up a new office (or doing any work) in the UK that you could assist with – I know of a number of people who’ve got temporary or full time positions this way.
  • Start researching what companies you might like to work for in your field – look at their job vacancies pages.
  • Sign up to an international recruitment agency such as the following:
  • Periodically check the following UK jobs pages for suitable work and setup email alerts for key words in your field:
  • Check journals specific to your field (i.e. nature magazine for work in the science sector) 
  • If you are fortunate enough to get an interview before you leave you might need to sign up for a Skype account so the interviewers can reach you for a phone interview. 
  • If you have hospitality experience companies such as CCUSA can find you live-in positions in pubs in a variety of places around the UK and are often happy to take couples. This is an option to consider, especially if you would prefer to work and live in a small town than a larger city. 
Note: In the UK selection criteria are referred to as the Person Specification. Read more about how to respond to person specifications here.



When you arrive

If you haven’t found any work before you arrive don’t worry. Many people find work within the first month of arriving.

If you have specific industry experience you can sign up with a recruitment agency. Keep checking company websites too. If you’re finding it difficult to get interviews enquire about work experience or internship programs, which may help you to get a foot in the door. These are often unpaid or low payed positions though so you need to weigh up your chances of finding a full position first.

If you have office experience you can sign up for temporary jobs with an agency such as

Pub jobs are fairly easy to come by and are best found by walking in with a resume and asking if they are looking for staff. These jobs often don’t pay well, but some do come with accommodation and even food thrown in. Here are some websites for finding a job in the hospitality industry:

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